Veterans and Only Veterans

Maverick PR is a partnership of video game PR veterans, founded on the belief that only senior professionals are able to provide superior PR work. Our strict focus on only video games and associated technology allows us to remain truly specialist, with an unmatched depth of knowledge about our industry, its players and the media.

With more than 30 years of combined experience and decades of working across all levels of media, we are capable of  reaching outlets and audiences that many other agencies either fail to recognize or significantly undervalue.

Our experience was forged in-house at developers and publishers, as well as at agencies, which allows us the insight to know what internal teams need to succeed, an understanding of how the industry works on the inside.

Our expertise lies entirely in building buzz across media outlets and communities to create the groundswell sales and marketing need to make an impact during launch.

Want to Learn More?

Hit the WHO WE ARE page to learn a bit of history about Maverick PR partners; jump onto the WHAT WE DO page to learn some of our core competencies and primary skill sets; or visit the HOW WE WORK page to read about how we integrate closely with out partners and become invested in your success.

You can also jump right into contacting us by emailing us at

We believe strongly in our ability to work efficiently, strategically and powerfully for game launches.  However, there are times when another agency might be a better fit, or we may be too committed to take on an additional client.  We are very small and very boutique, and we do not want to grow, so we are sometimes limited in our workload!

When that is the case, we often recommend other boutique agencies with strong leaders and track records — you can always check out our friends, many of whom are former colleagues in past lives, at Evolve PR or Sandbox Strategiesor you can email us for additional recommendations.