• Over The Moon Games’ The Fall Heads to XB1 & PS4

    Over The Moon Game's Epic Examination of AI Finding Herself Moves from PC to Console This Year

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  • IndieCade and Skybound Join Forces

    Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment Partners With IndieCade to Foster Independent Game Development

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  • ELITE: DANGEROUS Heads to Xbox One!

    Frontier Developments' Space Sim Extraordinaire Moves From PC to Xbox This Year

  • MavPR Partner Matt Frary Preaches PR for Indies at IndieCade East 2015

    "PR for Indies" Workshop Teaches Standing-Room-Only Crowd to Take Control of Their Story

  • THANKYOUFORGAMING Names Top Ten Games of Last Ten Years

    Maverick's Video Game PR Stream With ANNOYED GAMER Marcus Beer Debates the Best Games of the Last Decade - See Our Picks!

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Welcome to Maverick PR

The Best Damn Video Game PR Agency in the World.

whoare weWhat is MavPR?

We are a partnership of video game PR veterans, founded on the belief that only senior professionals can provide superior PR work. We focus only on video games and our experience means we reach outlets and audiences that other agencies fail to recognize. Work with Maverick PR and discover the difference that senior experience can make for your product.

lessoverheadLess Overhead, More IN The Head

That’s our operating theme. We employ only SENIOR level video game PR veterans, leveraging today’s technology to work remotely. This means you don’t pay for soda machines and secretaries.  You don’t get a Junior AE on your account after a VP pitch. It’s VP-level from start to finish with MavPR.

bighugelistBIG. HUGE. LIST.

Maverick PR Partners Brandon and Matt have worked on an enormous number of games. From Sega CD to Xbox 360, from old-school RPG to modern DLC. Basically, if you have a game you need to promote, we’re probably familiar with its genre and its roots. Check out our BIG HUGE LIST of games we’ve worked on – it’s constantly growing!